September 26, 2021
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Times of crisis are most often the times we dread most. Times of wilderness rise as dangers to be avoided at all cost. Yet, the seasons that bring us to our knees can also open us to the most profound truth. The seasons when we feel the most off the map have their own spiritual geography and landscape but also contain hidden treasures -- if we can be alive to them and curious about them. Jesus submitted to 40 days in the wilderness, the Israelites to 40 years. How can we submit to the most challenging seasons in our lives and learn the lessons these times have to teach? Join us online Sundays in September and October at 4pm ET.

Sept. 19: Across the Desert, Up the Mountain, Into the Cloud

Led by Pastor Tonetta Landis-Aina.

Register here: resurrectioncitydc.org/service

Christian mystics have long talked about the cycle of purgation, illumination, and union as a fundamental pattern of spiritual growth. This is the spirituality that takes us through the desert, up the mountain, and into the cloud of God's presence, which is marked by unknowing and darkness.