Resistance & Ritual from the Margins: All God's Children Got Shoes

February 26, 2021

"I got shoes,

You got shoes,

All of God's children got shoes!

When I get to Heaven gonna put on my shoes;

I'm gonna walk all over God's Heaven . . ."

The songs that enslaved people created are profound sources of theology for the alternative models of church that our country so desperately needs. They emerged as both mechanisms for survival and out of a deep desire to tell the truth in a slave-holding society that resisted both external and internal liberation. Just below the surface of many of these songs is a deep insistence that all have inherent dignity and worth and that all deserve space in which to flourish. These folx understood the liberating Christ that they encountered in the secrecy of woods and swamps and cane brakes to be one radically opposed to the hierarchy of plantation and empire. Join us this Sunday at 4pm ET as we explore Genesis 1 and the reality that all of God’s children have shoes.

Rev. Tonetta Landis-Aina is a native of North Carolina and moved to Washington DC in 2004. She holds a Masters of Divinity from Wesley Theological Seminary and is passionate about marginalized people finding their stories in scripture as well as about the new shapes the church will take in the 21st century. When Tonetta isn't geeking out on the Bible or trying to piece together what God might be doing in this beautitul city, she is enjoying time with her wife and 2.5 year old son who loves to assure everyone that he's grumpy.