Salvaging Our Story: Recovering the Good News: The Gospel of Grace

March 12, 2021

"Anger can't be our final destination. Jesus calls us out of isolation and into community, out of fear and into grace. And acknowledging God's grace helps me to show grace. Grace for my former self. Grace for my present struggle. Grace for neighbors I don't want to love. Grace for people who are where I once was." -- Jeff Chu

Trying to extract the good news of grace from the harmful theologies in which it is so often comes packaged is challenging work. How can we salvage an understanding of the grace that is as close to us as our own heartbeats without embracing toxic narratives that frame God as fundamentally wrathful and us as fundamentally unworthy? As we do the work of dismantling systems of oppression and reclaiming healthier and more embodied theologies, in what ways can grace still lead us home? This Sunday at 4pm, we'll be exploring those questions and so much more. We'd love to see you.

Rev. Tonetta Landis-Aina is a native of North Carolina and moved to Washington DC in 2004. She holds a Masters of Divinity from Wesley Theological Seminary and is passionate about marginalized people finding their stories in scripture as well as about the new shapes the church will take in the 21st century. When Tonetta isn't geeking out on the Bible or trying to piece together what God might be doing in this beautitul city, she is enjoying time with her wife and 2.5 year old son who loves to assure everyone that he's grumpy.