In 1968, 3,000 people built an encampment on the National Mall called Resurrection City in order to draw national attention to systemic poverty and injustice.

Our Values

We Unashamedly love Jesus
We value the good news of Jesus Christ and daily seek to imitate him in his life, death, and resurrection.
Because we believe that Jesus enfleshed the good news for us, we follow him in his ministry of forgiveness, reconciliation, healing, justice, inclusion and liberation.

We believe that being a disciple of Jesus is at the heart of the Christian life, therefore we seek to be transformed as a community through the disciplines of Jesus and the early church — disciplines that include prayer, scripture study and interpretation, multi-ethnic worship, fellowship through meal sharing, generous resource distribution, and service guided by love. We seek to live as a church sent into the world proclaiming grace and living into the kingdom of God. As God seems to take sending (mission) and going down deep into the human condition (incarnation) seriously so will we. We hold sacred the witness of the scriptures to this God. In fact, we take the scriptures so seriously that we refuse to take them literally even as they guide our faith and action. We believe the Bible is the primary book for Christian formation even as it contains diverse perspectives over thousands of years.
We Seek Justice
We value holistic, intersectional justice which places a priority on the needs of the least of those among us.
Because we believe that "justice is what love looks like in public," (Cornell West) we seek to live out a prophetic posture that listens and then acts in holistic ways to enflesh the kingdom of God.

Through ongoing discernment and engagement, we are committed to practically working against the racial injustice that considers some lives expendable, the economic injustice that traps so many for the sake of empire, the homophobia that degrades the most basic identity of sexual minorities, and the patriarchy that suppresses not only the voices of women but all who do not conform to the white male ideal.
We Insist on Inclusion
We value including as many voices at the table as possible and refuse to center whiteness as the dominant narrative.
Because we believe that the kingdom of God is like a city whose gates will never be shut and which contains people from every ethnicity, nation, and language, we seek to be a people who take the work of bridge-building and racial dialogue so seriously that oppressive structures of power are actually dismantled.

We follow God by seeking to restore those who feel broken, left out or left behind by the church, or lost in the machinery of empire. At every level of Resurrection City, we work to be inclusive and to radically share power. At every level, we desire to be a church of all people working toward liberation and equity.
We risk community
We value deep, rich community that is authentic, messy, and graced with moments of challenge and moments of absolute delight.
Because we believe that community fuels our mission, we seek to make honesty, hospitality, and attentive presence the foundation stones of our life together.

We work together collaboratively knowing that each person bears the image of God and is called to participate in the priesthood of all believers. We look to one another’s interests, lament and celebrate together, share our stories, and walk side by side as a family tinting everything with grace. Knowing that we are created for joy, we embrace whimsy and fun as the footprints of God. Knowing that there is no liberation without community (Audre Lorde), we see our gathering together as the ground of our transformation.
We cultivate creativity
We value experimentation, risk-taking, and getting it wrong.
Because we believe that God is a brilliant artist who invites us into the process of creation, we pioneer new ways of doing ministry, gathering as a community, structuring church leadership, curating worship, and engaging our community.

We root ourselves in traditioned innovation -- connecting what God is doing here and now with what the best of historic, Christian communal action has taught us. We intentionally inhabit a posture of discovery and refuse to let fear keep us from trying new things. Like the best jazz ensemble, we ground ourselves in past tradition, present rhythmic conversation, and future possibility, all for the purpose of writing new songs that will bring new life.